Staying Confident Through Hair Loss

For many women, losing hair can be a huge blow to their self-confidence. In today’s world, there seems to be more emphasis on our physical beauty than ever, and our hair has always played a huge part in our identity, how we see ourselves, and how others see us, too. But for some of us, whether because of naturally occurring alopecia or medical treatment, natural hair simply isn’t an option.


But losing your hair does not have to mean losing your confidence. Far from it. There is still a lot that you can do to go from strength to strength despite your hair loss, and even use it as an exciting opportunity for reinvention.


You Are Not Your Appearance

The most important thing to remember is that you are not your appearance. While our hair can often feel like an essential part of our identity, it is not who we are – we still have control over our attitude, outlook and choices, natural hair or otherwise.


People change their hair all the time, and it does not change who they are if they don’t want it to. Losing your hair, in a sense, is just another change – and where possible we should aim to embrace any change as a positive event, whatever challenges it presents us with.


You Still Have Choice

Naturally, not all of us feel comfortable going about our daily routines, let alone special occasions, during hair loss. But a wig really can make all the difference – at Joseph’s Wigs, we’ve seen it close-up – and help you successfully manage the changes that you are going through.


There are so many wig options that you can choose from that will help you take on a natural hair look, helping you to remember that you remain a confident woman. Not that your wig has to look natural if you don’t want it too! The choice, as they say, is yours. Nevertheless, we understand that having some friendly, experienced advice at hand can prove a tremendous help. At Joseph’s Wigs we work by appointment only, offering private fitting rooms, a lovely cup of tea, and all the time you need to learn about the best options for you.


From Amore Wigs to Ellen Wille Wigs to more besides, there really are some superlatively high-quality wigs out there that are just what a person experiencing hair loss needs in order to feel themselves again.


If you would like an appointment, contact us today either on the phone or by email. Customers who wear wigs for medical reasons receive VAT exemption whether purchasing in store, by mail order or online, and we provide free UK shipping on orders over £100.

All About Why Human Hair Wigs Are So Great

Choosing the type of wig that you want to invest in can be difficult. There are many different types of both synthetic and natural human hair wigs, and the wig that’s right for you will depend on who and where you are. But while synthetic wigs have improved immeasurably over the last years – now offering more quality and looking more natural than ever by far – there are still some highly compelling reasons to stick with human hair:


Versatility Of Styling Options

If you get a high-quality human hair wig from Noriko Wigs or Revlon Wigs, you can style it just as natural hair can be styled!


Many human hair wigs can be coloured, dyed, permed, and styled to fit your needs. On a daily basis, you can use water and heat tools on low-heat settings to style your wigs. If you want a more permanent change, a stylist who specialises in working with human hair wigs can work with you to change up the style!


When working with a human hair wig, styling and changing the style of the wig is much easier than it is with a synthetic wig.


Texture Is Key

Part of the selection process of choosing a human hair wig is choosing what type of hair and what texture hair you want for your wig. You can match your original hair texture, or you can try something new if your texture was difficult to work with.


Like natural hair, texture plays a big part in how the hair will look, feel and style, so it is very important to choose texture carefully – at Joseph’s Wigs out experts are on hand to provide all the help you need.


They Last A Long Time

Human hair wigs are intended to be used for months on end. If you take care of it properly, you could wear the same human hair wig for years to come, even if you are wearing it daily!


If you need to wear a wig for a prolonged period of time, human hair wigs are a much better option than synthetic wigs, which can wear out more quickly than human hair wigs. Usually, you can rely on a synthetic wig for up to around 4 to 6 months if it is cared for properly.


Human Hair Looks Natural

While synthetic wigs are advancing to look more and more natural each year, nothing looks as natural as real hair! Human hair wigs feel great and offer the most natural look, so you can feel like yourself while wearing it out.


A well-made human hair wig will move and fall like real hair, and the hair itself typically has a soft shine that you can sometimes struggle to find in synthetic hair. Even if human hair wigs can be more expensive, they will help you feel naturally you. And that’s the most important thing!

5 of the Best Ladies’ Wig Brands on The Market

There are so many brands out there selling ladies’ wigs, but only a handful offer absolute supreme quality in materials, manufacturing methods, styling and durability. Let’s review five of the best ladies’ wig brands currently available:


Amore Wigs

Amore Wigs is one of two popular wigs brands that Rene of Paris carries, and they’re exceptional. The wigs are known to be exceptionally comfortable, even for those with scalp sensitivity. The styles are trendy, classic, and modern.


Their new 100% Hand-Tied Monofilament Lace Front Collection is very natural-looking because every hair is put into place carefully and by hand, leading to the highest quality results.


Ellen Wille Wigs

Next up is the line Ellen Wille Wigs. These wigs are known for their natural shine, textures and consistent fall – all of which combines to make for a superb natural look.


The Ellen Wille Wigs range includes lace fronts and monofilament tops, which means you can trip back the lace front as needed. The wigs from Ellen Wille are also well known for their range of colours, tones and highlights.


Noriko Wigs

Noriko Wigs is the other brand made by Rene of Paris alongside Amore Wigs. This collection features wigs for both women and men, including some unisex. They’ve been making wigs for more than 30 years, and they have the following to prove it!


The Noriko line has beautifully layered, high-quality synthetic wigs that come at a more affordable price than human hair wigs, yet retain the look of human hair. They are especially light and delicate to the scalp, and include a fantastic variety of styles.


Revlon Wigs

Revlon Wigs are made with high-quality synthetic fibres, again offering a fantastic range of colour, tone and texture. Especially, Revlon Wigs include grey to silver tones, so are an excellent option to explore for many older users. Meanwhile, Revlon’s Human Hair Wigs include many contemporary styles, breathable and lightweight materials.


Raquel Welch Wigs

One more favourite wig brand y is Raquel Welch Wigs. They use either high-quality synthetic fibres or human hair in a huge variety of fantastic, flexible styles that look incredibly realistic, making use of high-quality monofilament tops and lace fronts.


For more information on choosing the right wig for you as well as just some all-round great advice – especially handy for first-time buyers – contact us today and make an appointment with one of our experts!


We offer free UK shipping on orders over £100, and necessity wearers are applicable for VAT exemption.

Spring 2017 Hottest Wig Styles to Shop For

So here we are headed quickly into spring, 2017. You’re getting your tan ready. You’re dieting and exercising. You’re getting ready to look your best. So what about your hair – what styles are going to be in this year?


When seasons change it always creates opportunities for new looks and updates. One of the biggest opportunities for change is your hairstyle. So whether you already use human hair wigs or you want to try out different styles we’re going to talk about some of the hottest styles of 2017.


  • Waves. Waves have gone in and out of style for years but in 2017, waves are going to be very popular. For almost every size, shape and face, waves look great. Waves range from slight waves to thick heavy waves like the ocean. So if you’re shooting for the “just got out bed but my hair still looks fabulous look”, you should consider shopping for wavy wigs to find the best fit for you.


  • Sleek and Straight. Long straight hair is back in vogue again in 2017. Parted straight in the middle with long flowing straight locks falling down over your shoulders is a beautiful look for this year. This look is especially attractive on tall, sleek figures. So if you think you can pull off sleek and straight hair you should try looking at some options from Ellen Wille Wigs, Revlon Wigs or Noriko Wigs as they all offer some gorgeous options in this style.


  • Wispy Bangs. Yes, bangs are in. These bangs aren’t just your mother’s bangs either. Bangs can bring a fresh and updated look to most any style. With bangs, you can achieve different looks. You can texture them and highlight them by brushing them out a bit. You can pull them to the side and blend them in with the rest of your hair. Bangs can change it up enough to keep you look beautiful and updated. Face shape plays a key role in pulling off a look by using bangs. If you are considering this look try wigs as they are the perfect way to try new looks without actually committing long-term.


  • Highlights. Highlights have been in vogue for a while and in 2017 this isn’t changing. Highlights can give you a unique and beautiful look. Plus, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Dramatically blending hair from one colour into another one gives on a vibrant, contrasting look that can be gorgeous. Subtle highlights can also be just as impressive and beautiful. This year the trend seems to be tilted towards brown and blonde. So if you’re looking for a highlighted hair-do, know that Spring 2017 is the perfect time to try this out!

Proper Care for Human Hair Wigs

Proper maintenance is key in order to keep your natural hair wig in its best condition and ensure the longest life possible for your wig. But just because your wig is made of human hair doesn’t mean it should be treated like human hair! Maintaining your wig properly starts from day one, and knowing some best practices will prevent any mishaps down the road.


Before You Get Started

Remember that although natural hair wigs are made from real human hair, they go through extensive chemical processing to achieve the desired texture. These chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp, so washing your wig before wearing is an absolute must! Another thing to keep in mind is that human hair wigs do not come pre-styled like their synthetic counterparts. You will need to take your wig to a professional stylist who has experience styling natural hair wigs before it is ready to wear.


Washing Your Wig

Knowing the proper way to wash and condition your wig is crucial to keeping it in tip-top shape. Washing a wig is very different than washing hair that grows from the scalp. Before beginning, gently brush your wig to get any snags out. Fill your sink with cool, clean water and add a small amount of shampoo to the water. It is important to note here that you should only use wig-safe shampoos that are free of parabens and sulfates. After swirling the shampoo into the water, submerge your wig and swish it around gently in the water. Let soak for five minutes. Empty the sink and fill again with cool, clean water and swish your wig to rinse. Do this process twice to make sure all shampoo is rinsed out.


Conditioning Your Wig

Conditioning your wig is the single most important step in maintaining your wig. Remember that natural hair oils are not distributed by brushing your wig like they would be on biological hair. Again, choose a wig-safe formula that is paraben- and sulfate-free. Apply conditioner liberally, avoiding the roots. Leave the conditioner on for at least two minutes before rinsing. For more intense conditioning, leave on overnight. Rinse your wig the same way you did when rinsing the shampoo out. After rinsing, wrap your wig in a towel. DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING THE HAIR! Instead, gently pat the wig dry with the towel. Spray your wig with a high-quality leave-in conditioner, place on a wig stand, and allow to air-dry. Once dry, gently comb the wig to remove any tangles. If you feel it needs more moisture, you can add more leave-in conditioner.


Following these tips will help you keep your wig in its best possible condition and will allow you to wear it for as long as possible. So be sure to protect your investment and keep it clean and pristine!

Human Hair or Synthetic: Which Wig is Right for YOU?

Shopping for a wig (whether as a fashion choice or a medical necessity) can be a daunting task for many women. At first glance, the options can seem overwhelming. Let’s explore the first choice most women need to make when wig shopping: the material of the wig.


Human Hair Wigs

Many women consider natural hair wigs to be the crème de la crème of hairpieces. However, this doesn’t mean that a human hair is ideal for all your uses.


Some things to consider:

  • Since a natural hair wig is made of real human hair, certain conditions can affect the look and feel of the wig. Humid weather can cause hair to frizz, or cause voluminous styles to fall flat. Similarly, dryer air means dryer hair.
  • Natural hair wigs require extensive maintenance – just like your real hair would – and so benefit from a stylist experienced in dealing with natural hair. This also means, of course, that these hairpieces are just as versatile as your own hair and can be cut, coloured, and permed.
  • Human hair wigs will last a long time with proper care and can last a year or longer even with daily use.
  • Since human hair wigs are made of hair from several different people, the colours of the strands may vary slightly from wig to wig, meaning purchasing a backup in the same colour may result in two slightly different wigs.
  • Human hair wigs tend to be heavier than their synthetic counterparts of the same length and style.
  • Natural hair wigs are generally more expensive than wigs made of synthetic materials.


Synthetic Wigs

When it comes to synthetic fibre wigs, customers can opt for traditional synthetic or heat-resistant synthetic materials. Both have their pros and cons depending on your lifestyle and personality.


Some things to consider:

  • Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wigs of any kind cannot be coloured.
  • Traditional synthetic wigs tend to be better suited for wearers who prefer a “wash and go” style. The wig will return to its styled shape after drying. Heat-resistant wigs also have style memory and will return to their last heat-styled look.
  • Synthetic wigs of any type generally do not last as long as natural hair wigs. Traditional synthetics last about 4-6 months while heat-resistant synthetics have an even shorter lifespan.
  • Both traditional and heat-resistant synthetic wigs tend to be less expensive than human hair wigs.
  • Neither type of synthetic wig will react to weather. Perfect for wearers in humid or very dry climates!
  • Traditional synthetics can be unnaturally shiny. Heat-resistant synthetics do not tend to have this problem.
  • Synthetic wigs must be washed and conditioned with products made specifically for synthetic hair.


Primepower by Ellen Wille Wigs

This blend of synthetic fibres and natural hair is exclusive to Ellen Wille Wigs.


Some things to consider:

  • Prime Hair wigs combine the best of both worlds, with “pre-set” styles that can also be styled with heat tools.
  • Prime Hair combines the look and feel of natural hair with the easier maintenance of synthetic fiber.
  • These Ellen Wille WIgs (see the Primepower collection here) can be cut and styled by a stylist experienced in working with human hair wigs.
  • Prime Hair wigs can be maintained with products designed for human hair wigs.


Knowing the best and worst attributes of the different types of wigs can mean the difference between choosing your perfect wig or a hairpiece nightmare. Weigh your options, consult with a stylist, and get ready to rock your fabulous new look!

Choosing the Perfect Wig for YOUR Face Shape

When choosing a wig, it is important to know what styles will flatter your face and help you achieve your desired look. Determining your face shape is the best way to decide this, and it’s easier than you might think.


Finding Your Shape

To find your face shape, stand in front of a mirror, looking straight ahead, and pull your hair back. Use a bar of soap, lipstick, or a dry erase marker to trace the shape of your face’s reflection in the mirror. Alternately, you can take a photo of yourself (again, looking straight ahead with your hair pulled back) and trace your face shape on the photograph. This can be done using the edit tool on most smartphones.



Round faces have fewer angles than other face shapes. Ladies with round faces should stick with linear styles to balance the fullness of the cheeks. Short, rounded bobs are a definite no! Angles, layers, and side parts are all excellent ways to counter facial curves and add definition to an otherwise circular profile. Try “Bridgette” from Revlon Wigs.



Like the name implies, rectangle faces are longer than they are wide and have squared off angles, with the forehead and chin being of similar width. Bangs are the best way to take some length from your visage, while fuller sides with waves help to create the illusion of more balance. Try “Janelle” from Noriko Wigs.



Square faces have the angles of a rectangle face with the length-to-width ratio of a round face. Go with a longer length to stretch the face and add shorter layers to cut down on the appearance of width. Try “Nightlife Lace” from Gisela Mayer Wigs.



Diamond shapes are wider at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and chin. Bangs can balance the narrow forehead, while bob styles can add fullness to the chin. Just be sure to avoid too much volume on the sides. Try “Jolie” by Noriko Wigs.



Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead and more narrow at the chin with full cheeks. Long pageboy styles create width at the chin without adding fullness around the cheekbones. Avoid shorter styles that draw attention to the width of your face. Bangs can help cover a wide forehead. Try “Petite Portia” by Revlon Wigs.



Oval shapes are the hourglass figures of face shapes. Well-balanced and proportioned, ovals can pull off pretty much any style. Long, short, straight, or curly, the sky’s the limit! Try “Illusion” from Ellen Wille Wigs’ Primepower collection.


The beauty of wigs is that they can be changed as often as your personality and budget allow. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new styles that suit the ever-changing you!

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

For most women their hair is one of the defining outward signs of their femininity and losing it can be a crushing blow. They can feel unattractive and different although, according to The Daily Telegraph, more than a fifth of the women surveyed aged over 25 in the UK say they suffer from the condition. Around half of sufferers are aged between 45 and 64 and it is probable that up to 50% of women over 65 have some sort of female pattern baldness. But it can also occur in much younger women and children.


Women lose their hair from a variety of causes. However as many of the conditions are treatable, once the alopecia (the general term for hair loss) is noticed, the first step is to consult a GP who will investigate why this is happening and whether there are any clinical ways of treating the hair loss. At Joseph’s Wigs, our Amore Wigs and Ellen Wille Wigs boost confidence to help you continue feeling attractive while your hair regrows.


Alopecia, comes in many forms and appears to be triggered by such diverse factors as stress, hormones, hair dye, over-styling, depression and diet. It can also be hereditary, Alopecia areata, which causes patchy hair loss is one of the more common forms and is thought to be an auto immune condition. If you are genetically predisposed to it, a trigger, such as stress, can make your body recognise hair follicles as foreign and attack them. Scottish TV presenter Gail Porter had an advanced form of this, alopecia totalis, which resulted in her losing all the hair on her scalp and she campaigned fiercely for awareness of the condition. Her hair has now grown back but there is always a chance she could lose it again.


Androgenetic alopecia, the most common type of progressive hair loss is also known as male or female pattern baldness and is a general thinning of the hair. It is more prevalent after the menopause, when oestrogen levels fall. This is still a taboo subject for most women although with celebrities like Cheryl Baker and Maureen Nolan discussing their menopausal hair loss on TV, barriers are being broken down.


A common cause of hair loss in younger women is traction alopecia caused by excessive pulling or tension on hair shafts which can result from tight hairstyles or the overuse of weaves. Celebrities, who are constantly changing their hairstyles or Afro Caribbean women who have had their hair tightly braided for a long time may be particularly prone to this.

There are many other causes of hair loss in women, not least that caused by chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer. The important thing to remember is that in very many cases the hair will grow back. And meanwhile – well, you always have that stylish wig to fall back on.

Tips For Women Buying A Wig For The First Time

Our hair is our crowning glory – quite literally! For a woman, her hair is an integral part, perhaps one of the most important parts, of how she presents herself to the world. When her hair looks good, she feels good. After all, we all know what a ‘bad hair’ day feels like. Our appearance and body image are intricately tied up with how we feel on the inside.


However, for a number of reasons our hair doesn’t always look good. Time issues, scalp sensitivity, hair loss through medical conditions like alopecia or from medical treatments, or a desire to protect our natural hair from damage through over styling can all make buying a wig a sensible option. And sometimes we just feel the need for a temporary change, short hair to long, blonde to brunette, depending on our mood. A wig is the ideal solution.


But what are the sensible steps to take before buying a wig for the first time? Whether you buy from a shop or online you will need to know the circumference of your head to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Take a tape measure and starting in the middle of your forehead, wrap it around your head, going down above the ears, to the base of the skull where the wig will end, and then bringing it back up again to meet the start of the tape on the forehead.


Next think about what you will be doing when wearing your wig. An elaborately styled fashion accessory is great for an evening out but if your wig is to be worn daily to cover hair loss or baldness, something that needs minimal styling might suit an active, busy lifestyle better. You must decide whether you want the wig to be made of synthetic fibres such as the stylish, double monofilament examples at Amore Wigs, from real human hair, or a combination of the two, all available at Ellen Wille Wigs.


Consider the shape of your face and make sure you choose something that suits you. A style that looks good on Meryl Streep will not necessarily do as much for Emma Stone. If you want the hair to look more natural, take into account your skin tones when choosing colour. Warm skin tones look better with honey blonde, chestnut brown, ebony brown-black or coppery red shades whereas platinum blonde, ash brown, auburn or inky, raven black tend to suit cool skin tones.


Of course, on that big night out, with clever use of makeup, anything goes. Push the boat out, be outrageous, feel sexy and most of all wear your wig with confidence.

Never Let Alopecia Stop You

Team GB returned home with a record number of gold medals from the Rio Olympics this year, and among the winners there were some new records set. Both the men and women’s cycling team won gold in the team pursuit final, and both teams broke the world record.


Athletes achieve extraordinary feats to compete in the Olympics and their stories can inspire us to pursue our ambitions and overcome obstacles. One of these remarkable athletes is Joanna Rowsell Shand: she’s a gold medalist on the women’s cycling team. In the team pursuit she won gold at both the London 2012 Olympics and again this year in Rio, helping her teammates set a new record finish time.


Joanna suffers from alopecia areata, an auto immune disease that causes lumps of hair to sporadically fall out, some of which never grows back. Although she sports a human hair wig most of the time, Joanna proudly showed her bald head during both Olympic medal ceremonies, just as she did back in 2012.


Our sporting hero doesn’t worry too much about her alopecia: “Everyone does their hair in the morning. I put a wig on. That’s just what I do. It’s not something that enters my day-to-day thoughts. The more I get asked about it, the more I think maybe I should be worried about it, maybe I look awful.”


In fact, the 27-year-old has some advantages over her teammates. Laura Trott and Lizzie Armitstead have to shave their legs regularly, and fitting a head of hair under those relatively small aero helmets can be time consuming. Joanna slips her helmet on over her bald head and she’s ready to go.


Most importantly, Joanna keeps her focus on what matters most to her: her cycling. She won gold at the 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2014 World Championships and can now add two more Olympic golds to her trophy cabinet collection. About alopecia she says:


“I don’t want it to define me, but some people do. Like putting on their Twitter profile: ‘Alopecia sufferer.’ I would never say that. I would never put: ‘I’m an asthma sufferer,’ or ‘I’ve currently got flu.”


A natural-looking hairpiece like a Noriko wig can offer a carefree solution for anyone looking to regain confidence out on the field.


Joanna Rowsell Shand, Olympic gold medalist suffers from Alopecia areata.

               Never Let Alopecia Stop You

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