Easy Care Options for Women with Hair Loss

There are many reasons why women experience hair loss. There are medical conditions, in addition to hair loss due to chemotherapy, that can cause hair to thin. In addition, many women experience a loss of hair volume as they age. While many women wear wigs simply for fashion and convenience reasons, for women with hair loss, wigs can take on an even more important role. Luckily for those of us who are busy, there are stylish simple wigs and great sophisticated head options that can be a complement to anyone’s personal panache. Find out ways to incorporate the latest headwear fashions into your life, without having to dedicate a big chunk of your day to washing and styling.


Pre-Styled Wigs

We spend a lot of our lives working on our hair. Washing, blow drying, curling, and straightening all take plenty of effort each week. Add to that the regular visits to the salon for haircuts, highlights, or other colouring and there is a considerable amount of energy put into the final style we display to the world. That’s where pre-styled wigs can be tremendous time and energy savers.

The Connie Wig by Amore Short and Easy Style | Joseph’s Wigs

Many of our wigs come pre-cut and styled into the fashionable looks you want but without all the fuss required. You can put them on and be ready to walk out the door. This can be an enormous help to anyone who lives a busy life but it can be particularly important to someone dealing with chemotherapy or facing other health issues. Because wigs don’t accumulate oil and sweat from the scalp as quickly as natural hair, they don’t need to be shampooed as often. After washing they can quickly be finger styled back into place and then allowed to air dry. This makes our pre-styled wigs ideal for anyone who is short of time.



Another fast option for women with hair loss is to wear a turban. This is a look made famous by women of the silver screen but given new life in recent years by some of today’s top celebrities. We have a lovely assortment of attractive styles of turbans that are ready to wear, no wrapping or tying necessary. Our turbans are specially designed for women with hair loss so that they provide full scalp coverage, even at the nape of the neck and on the sides of the head. They are designed to slip on easily, fit comfortably, and stay securely in place. Turbans are made out of soft material that is very gentle on the skin. That can make them particularly good options for women who have sensitive scalps. That is a common problem for women undergoing chemotherapy or faced with other medical issues.



Headscarves can be a great option for women with hair loss. They are great as a fast covering for your head or for making fashion-forward turban-style headwraps. Some scarf tying techniques do require a little effort but they can be fast compared to styling a head of hair or adding hairpieces. Scarves are versatile so you can quickly rework the style as your day turns into evening, if so desired. Scarves can also be worn on their own or combined with wigs to create different styles. Tying a scarf over a wig can be particularly helpful in the winter since it will help keep the scalp warmer while making the wig more secure, even when faced with chilly breezes.



There are a number of styles of hats make especially for women with hair loss. Knitted caps can keep your head warm and protected in cooler weather while you look perfect for winter fun. Sports caps are also fast to slip on so you can quickly get on with your day. They can provide the comfort and style you’re looking for during your daily workout or for errands around town. Keep in mind that traditional styles of hats don’t provide enough coverage around the sides and back of the head for women with hair loss. That’s why it is important to buy hats that have been specifically designed for women who have thinning hair or hair loss.


Remember, you don’t have to pick one option. It’s good to have a few different head coverings on hand so you can have the right thing to wear, no matter what’s on your schedule for the day. Having variety can provide you with chances to express your personality or your mood for the day and so you have the right thing to wear, not matter what activities are ahead of you. Having plenty of options can be particularly important if you’ve been worried that hair loss might limit you. Boldly wear the colours and styles you like the best and whatever makes you feel fabulous.

Discover the Autumn 2018 Trends in Men’s Hairstyles

Often people don’t give that much thought to men’s hairstyles. Unlike women’s hair trends that tend to change every year, men’s hairstyles tend to be more stable. That doesn’t mean the popularity of different hair looks for men isn’t important. Having an up-to-date style can have an impact on job prospects, dating, and even how men feel about themselves. Unfortunately, because many men don’t notice these changing styles and simply go back to the same barber each time, they may end up falling behind other men in an area where it matters. Here are the latest in men’s styles and what they might mean for you.

The Versatile Section Finetech Human Hair Toupee from Dimples


Super short hair has made a comeback in a big way. You’ll notice many popular celebrities and sports stars wearing their hair even shorter. The basics of a buzz cut are hair that is short all over, usually ranging from one to five centimetres. It could be the same height throughout or shorter on the sides with a slightly longer top.


The buzzcut hair style works best for men with strong, angular features. If you don’t have a strong chin ready to look manly without much hair to distract from the rest of your face, growing facial hair to add definition can help. If you have a receding hairline or thinning spots along your scalp a buzz cut can help reduce the contrast between the height of your hair and your scalp to make it less obvious. The disadvantage to a buzz cut is there is no hair length available if you decide you want to cover a bald spot or overly high forehead.



Action stars are still bringing the shaved look to the big screen. It’s a bold style but it can be a chance to let your features shine. It can also settle the problem of a bald spot or receding hairline. On the other hand, like a buzzcut, shaved heads work best on men with angular features or a beard or goatee to give the appearance of a strong chin. Another advantage is shaved head makes post-workout showers easy although if you tend to sweat a shaved head can make that more obvious.


Textured Top

This style of hair is longer on the top with shorter sides, creating an overall tapered effect with volume at the top. Textured top hair can work well with curly hair, waves, or straight hair as long as there is an adequate quantity of hair to give a textured look. The hair is brushed forward so this style can be used to cover thin spots or receding hairlines. The key to making this look successful is the end result should appear to be fairly effortless so the texture is free flowing. Avoid adding too much styling solution because then the hair can end up looking stiff rather than softly textured and touchable.


There are a number of options for textured top hairstyles. The hair can be shorter on the sides or cut to a fade on the sides and/or on the back. One key to a textured top look is having the sides and back visually fade into the background so that the textured top becomes the star. Keep curly and wavy hair cut short on the sides and the back so that it doesn’t disturb the lines of the textured top hairstyle.


Hair Pieces and Toupees

In spite of the popularity of shaved heads, many men feel this style doesn’t work well on them. Although certain other hairstyles can be used as a temporary measure to cover hair loss, it can only cover smaller bald areas. The only other options are a combover, shaved head, or to add more hair. Fortunately, there have been huge advances in the materials used to make toupees and hairpieces so that now they can work for all kinds of hairstyles with natural-looking hairlines and parts.


A toupee can be used to eliminate the appearance of a receding hairline or halt the progression of a high forehead. Toupees don’t have to be used to cover the entire head. There are toupees designed to be tailored to customise the amount of coverage desired. A toupee can cover a bald spot or provide overall volume to cover thinning hair. Modern materials now allow toupees to be used for buzzcut haircuts as well as longer styles.


Sweep Back

This is a style that works for men who want to keep their hair longer. Swept back from the face with the hair shorter on the sides, this can be a chance to show off your thick head of hair. Sweep back hair works best with hair that has a bit of curl or wave. Straight hair that’s swept back tends to look more messy than sexy or it lends itself better to being styled into a pompadour.


A sweep back hairstyle can work for many different face shapes, just make sure your barber or stylist takes the shape of your face into consideration when cutting your hair. A sweep back is a good style to transition to for men who like a longer hairstyle but have realised the topknot and ponytail trends have come and gone.


One option for integrating a longer version of a sweep back with the rest of your style is to pair it with a beard. This look might not be as accepted in more conservative offices but it can work well, elsewhere. Be sure your hair beard is kept neatly trimmed with strong lines. Otherwise, the overall look can come across as appearing more like a hermit than a rockstar.



It’s time to welcome back this now-classic look. With shorter sides and a long sweep of hair across the top, this can be flattering to many men if they’re comfortable sporting this bold look. Sides and back can be buzzed into a fade or left a little longer so there is less contrast between the lengths of the top, sides, and back. Use styling product to get the shape and volume you need for a pompadour but be sure to avoid using excess product. That can make your hair look greasy or dingy.



Subtle highlights or adding lowlights are still popular, particularly paired with a summer tan. Overly strong blond highlights are not on trend for this year so are best avoided unless you spend most of your time at the yacht club or on the golf course in order to come by the highlights naturally. Otherwise, your hair colour can seem dated. If you work in an industry where creativity is valued, you can consider adding streaks or chunks of colours like greyish purple or blue.


Men in more conservative businesses should stick with natural hair colours other than a few modest highlights or lowlights. These types of mild colour variations work particularly well with textured styles where the colours will help add visual definition to curls or waves. If you want to begin transitioning from summer to autumn, start by going with richer colours. Instead of pale or ashy blondes think in terms of the colours of golden beaches. Light and medium brown hair can move toward browns with a hint of red or deep gold to begin to embrace autumn colours. Through the winter the deeper colours should work well. Redheads can migrate to a darker red with hints of copper or iron red. Men with dark brown or black hair who want a more dramatic look can add subtle hints of blue or purple.


Grey hair is trendy but can be more challenging to pull off successfully. For some men, a head of white hair can make a great eye-catching statement. This is more likely to be the case for men who look young and yet have a full head of grey or silver hair. It can be a hinderance, however, for men who have passed their twenties and work in fields where there is more of an emphasis on youth. A safer option is to limit grey hair to a bit around the temples or to have an overall colour with more pepper than salt. A bit of grey can add style and make men look distinguished but a lot of grey can make men seem older. It can be a little tricky to find the right balance.


Remember, there are great hair options for any man. Work with your barber or contact us at Joseph’s Wigs to explore the possibilities. We can even schedule you for a private showing so you can see how toupees and different styles of hair could work for you.


Buying Guide to Wig Brands & Styles – Part 2

Finding a wig that makes you feel fabulous and confident is important but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here is part two of our buying guide to women’s wig brands and styles.

Sora wig by Sentoo Premium Collection | Joseph’s Wigs

Noriko Wigs

Today’s synthetic wigs have come a long way from the synthetic wigs that were so popular in the 1970s. Now the hair fibres are more natural-looking and better able to conform to a variety of hairstyles. Noriko Wigs has brought these modern synthetics to wig consumers in great styles at affordable prices. Their synthetic wigs are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for anyone with scalp sensitivity. Their cap design makes them stay on securely, making them great choices for women with active lifestyles.


Affordable synthetic wigs provide terrific options for women who want to look great on a limited budget or who want to be able to regularly change their hairstyles. These great-looking Noriko Wigs make it easy to update hair colours or styles with the seasons or to have several different wigs so you have the ideal look for every occasion. Noriko Wigs are a good option, as well, for women who want the security of owning a wig before they begin chemotherapy. That way they’re prepared if they do experience hair loss. These wigs also make sense for women who don’t want to invest in more expensive human hair wigs while waiting for their hair to grow back.


Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille

Get the look of human hair in a synthetic fibre with the Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille. You’ll find a healthy shine that replicates human hair along in pre-styled hairstyles that remain in place. All it takes is a quick finger-styling and you are ready to go out looking your best at a moment’s notice. This collection of wigs goes beyond the ordinary with a broad selection of modern colours, highlights, and contrasting roots. The lightweight wig structure makes these wigs work well even for women with sensitive scalps.


Rachel Welch Ladies’ Wigs

Rachel Welch continues to set the standard for beauty and style and her namesake wig collection lives up to her reputation. These quality wigs come in a range of styles to go from the office to a night out on the town. The wig tops are individually knotted for natural movement and an attractive part in the hair. The Memory Cap II construction features the coolest stretch lace available. This lightweight material not only provides a great, secure fit but it is designed for lasting comfort.


Rachel Welch Urban Styles Ladies’ Wigs

From today’s hottest looks to sophisticated styles ready to take centre stage in the boardroom, Rachel Welch Urban Styles Ladies’ Wigs provide fabulous styles to love wearing after wearing. The wigs are available in a range of colours with the rich highlight and lowlight colours that take a great hairstyle to the next level of fabulous. Great fits and flattering hairstyles make it easy to wear the Rachel Welch Urban Styles wigs with confidence.


Rene of Paris Hi-Fashion Collection

Perhaps you think of wigs as mostly available only in classic hairstyles. Fortunately, we are able to offer a variety of wigs so that you can find the right look for your personality or a variety of wigs so you have something to match any mood. Rene of Paris Hi-Fashion Collection includes everything from classic cuts and colours to cutting-edge hair fashions that could come straight off the runway or red carpet. Synthetic fibres and lightweight cap designs make these wigs comfortable as well as fashionable.


Revlon Wigs

The name Revlon has long been associated with beautiful hair and the Revlon wigs do not disappoint. The Revlon brand includes both synthetic and human hair wigs. Their range features everything from traditional wig styles women have long made a part of their lives to trendy hairstylesthat can appeal to even young women who are newly dealing with hair loss. An ultra-fine monofilament cap is comfortable and blends in well for all skin tones.


Sentoo Premium Wigs

The Sentoo collection of wigs includes a range of styles with an eye toward providing something for every woman. Wigs are available in different sizes to help ensure the optimum fit. Their variety of colours and styles means women who are losing their hair can find a wig to recreate their current hairdos or to find plenty of fun options to try. Their feminine styles are flattering and their lace front and monofilament cap provide a natural look. Sentoo Premium Wigs are designed to be comfortable, even for women with sensitive scalps. These wigs are made with synthetic fibres that are known for having a soft, velvety feel and a lovely, healthy-looking shine.


Don’t miss part one of our buying guide for ladies’ wig brands and styles. Remember, you can always contact our office for help before purchasing wigs. Our experienced employees at Joseph’s Wigs are happy to answer questions or to arrange a private fitting for you. Let us know how we can help!

Buying Guide to Wig Brands & Styles – Part 1

When shopping for a wig, it can be intimidating trying to figure out which wig will work best for you. For people who are close enough to visit our studio in Surrey, the best option is to make an appointment with us for a private fitting. If you live elsewhere, don’t worry, we can still give you the information you need to select the right wig. Our helpful team is always willing to answer questions to assist you in finding looks you’ll love.

The Cat wig by Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection | Joseph’s Wigs

Remy Hair

When shopping for wigs, you are sure to see references to Remy hair. While people know that Remy hair is more expensive, many people don’t realise what distinguishes it from other hair. The term refers to human hair that has been specially handled and processed so that all of the hair strains are going in the same direction. Human hair is not a simple, solid tube. If you looked at hair under the microscope you could see a texture to it like scales on a fish. This is the cuticle of the hair. When hair grows from the scalp each strand of hair has the cuticle going in the same direction.


Remy human hair is carefully cut, processed, and attached to the wigs with the cuticle of all the hair still lined up. That takes more time and effort but it is very important since the direction of the cuticle impacts how the hair looks, how it can be heat styled, and the way it absorbs hair dye. Keep in mind that Remy hair comes in different grades so simply being Remy doesn’t ensure the quality of hair. There are also many other factors that determine the quality of the wig overall.


Human Hair

There is an obvious premium price for human hair over synthetic materials. Human hair has the natural hair look you want in a wig. Human hair can also be heat styled, unlike many types of synthetic hair. Meanwhile, there have been great advances in synthetic hair. Many of them look like human hair and allow the use of heat styling tools. Carefully read the descriptions so you know what type of hair is contained in the wig.


Wig Structure

Pay attention to how the hair has been attached to the wig. The type of cap will help to determine how comfortable the wig is and the type of fit. The best wigs will have each hair tied to the wig cap by hand in order to provide the most versatile and natural look. Lighter weight wig caps can be more comfortable and allow more airflow to your scalp. For hairstyles that reveal the hairline or a part, you’ll also want to make sure the wig has a lace front and a monofilament cap that won’t be visible.


Annica Hansen Wigs

Annica Hansen wigs have hand-tied tops that use high-quality Remy hairs. These hairs are attached to a monofilament cap. These features help to provide hair that can easily be styled or worn different ways, depending on your mood. The lightweight cap is more breathable making it a particularly great option for anyone with a sensitive scalp. This can be a big concern for those with alopecia or whose scalp is sensitive following chemotherapy.


Amore Wigs

If you are looking for a comfortable wig with a natural look, consider Amore wigs. This brand of wigs has been designed to provide outstanding hairstyles in wigs that are easy to wear. Amore wigs are 100% hand-tied to a double monofilament layer. This is important because it allows the hair to be styled in any number of different ways including with a natural-looking part. Breathable materials help to keep scalps cool and comfortable in the summer while providing comfort even in dry winter conditions. This makes them great for anyone with a delicate scalp.


Dimples Ladies’ Wigs Collection

Wigs can recreate the hairstyle you love. The Dimples Ladies’ Wig Collection is a great option for women with thinning hair or facing chemotherapy. The Dimples Ladies’ Wig Collection provides classic hairstyles for women who want to maintain their same look after hair loss.


This brand of wigs uses human hair that is sewn onto a monofilament top cap to allow a natural part. Their lace fronts create hairlines that look like real hair and permit the hair to be worn in different styles. This can allow a special updo for a date night or for a more formal occasion.


Ellen Wille

Wig manufacturer, Ellen Wille, is well-known in the industry for a good reason. This German company offers a broad range of wigs in a great variety of different styles made out of human hair or synthetic hair.


While all of Ellen Wille’s wigs are known for exceptional quality, the company provides wigs in styles from cutting-edge urban designs to modern looks perfect for today’s executive. These wigs provide natural looks but offer the updated styles you’d expect for your own hair.


Ellen Wille wigs come in a huge variety of colours so there is something to match your existing hair as well as glamourous looks with today’s hottest trends in hair colours. The wigs feature hand-tied construction with lace fronts. These wigs are wonderful for anyone who wants a quality wig but they are particularly beloved by women who want to be able to update their hairstyles to reflect changing fashions and seasonal trends.


Feather Premier Collection

Comfort and style meet in the Feather Premier Collection of synthetic wigs. This brand offers a variety of styles and colours. A standout feature of this collection is the use of a handmade mesh cap. This light-density cap provides a secure fit along with a natural look. Caps constructed out of silk monofilament tops with superfine lace fronts are comfortable for easy wear. The silky touch of the cap is great for those with sensitive scalps while the non-slippery polyurethane helps keeps wigs securely in place..


The Gem Collection

Hand-tied Remy Human Hair is the highlight of this collection of wigs. Their hand-tied foundation helps to provide a great fit. All of the wigs in this collection also include lace fronts along with monofilament tops for a natural-looking hairline. These wigs come un-styled. That means that the hair is in a single length when it arrives. This allows you to have your hairstylist customise your haircut into the ideal style for you. Having your hairstylist cut the hair enables the style to be tailored to align perfectly with the shape of your face and your features.


The Gisela Mayer Ladies’ Wigs Hair Collection

When comfort and style are important, the Gisela Mayer Ladies’ Wigs Hair Collection is there to help. These wigs have wefted wig caps to provide a secure fit. Lightweight designs help to ensure comfort and a natural look to the hair. That makes these wigs a wonderful option for women with sensitive scalps or who spend time in conditions where excessive heat or dry air could otherwise make wigs uncomfortable.


The Hairpower Collection by Ellen Wille

This line of wigs is another winner from Ellen Wille Wigs. These wigs have plenty of personality to fit your creative or professional style. They combine a great variety of colours with sassy styles that are lightweight in order to provide amazing comfort. You’ll be impressed by the natural-looking styles provided by this ready-to-wear line of wigs. Fortunately, with the Hairpower Collection you won’t have to compromise on comfort in order to get the attractive hairstyle you want.


The Hair Society Collection

Get ready to run your fingers through luxurious locks of hair in this line of wigs by Ellen Wille. The new Hair Society Collection has a wide range of colours that are pre-styled in the looks you want. Lightweight materials provide comfort while the handcrafted lace fronts make the wigs easy to wear with a natural look. These wigs come in a variety of lengths and styles range from classic, to modern, to cutting edge fashions.


The Inspired Collection

Flirty wigs in all lengths and a large variety of colours make up this Inspired Collection of wigs. The lace fronts make the wigs versatile so you can brush the hair back from your face and still maintain a natural look. Whatever your hair dream – straight or curls, long or short – this collection has something to offer. Check out their wigs that are designed for good airflow to the scalp for improved comfort and a natural appearance.


Natural Collection Wigs

High-quality human hair comes together with sleek stylish looks in the Natural Collection Wigs. You’ll appreciate the natural flow of the hair from the scalp thanks to the 100% hand-tied hairs on a monofilament top and lace front. This collection is known for superior comfort and hair movement along with the natural hairline.


Don’t miss part two of our buying guide to wig brands and styles!

Women’s Hair Trends for Autumn 2018

We’re still enjoying the summer heat and sun but it isn’t to early to start thinking about hairstyles to take us through autumn and winter. That doesn’t mean you need to rush out right now but it is nice to have a fresh hair colour or style to look forward to as you face the approaching cooler weather.

Grand Entrance Human Hair wig by Raquel Welch | Joseph’s Wigs

Having a plan can be particularly helpful for women who wear wigs. This gives you time to shop for new wigs online now. Then you’ll be ready to greet the cold as soon as it arrives. Let’s face it, the cooler weather probably won’t ease its way into our lives. It’s more likely to pounce on us one day, probably while we’re still dressed in a summer dress and sandals. Here are ways to make the transition to autumn styles go a little more smoothly.


Slicked Back

In the coming season expect to see a new take on straight hair. Instead of straightened and hanging down, we’ll see more straight hair pulled back from the face. Fasten it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Dig out banana clips to hold it in place or use a wideband or plastic headband to hold it in place. Yes, those accessories from the 1990s will be back in style. Use the ones you find in the back of that drawer in your house that holds miscellaneous items or pick up a few more in updated colours for an even fresher approach to this look for autumn.



Straighten hair has been popular for years but finally waves are back! Free flowing waves are perfect for cooler weather and longer hair makes the most of this style. Purchase a wig that is pre-styled in gorgeous waves or re-style an existing wig. To get the look wrap one-inch segments of hair around a curling wand for loose waves. Make sure you are using wigs or hairpieces that allow heat styling like natural hair wigs or certain types of synthetic wigs.


Face-Framing Sections

Faces take centre stage with this style which pulls most of the hair back but leaves a few sections around the face. Braids can be added around the hairline to encircle your face and bring more attention to your eyes. If braiding seems to complicated, you can use clips or pins to hold twisted sections of hair in place all along your hairline or near both temples. These add a bit of fun and interest while giving you a chance to draw more attention to your eyes.


Centre Part

This modern take on a centre part combines a bit of a school girl vibe along with a flashback to 1960s hippies. Get the look by parting the hair down the centre. You’ll need a wig that allows hair to be restyled and that includes a monofilament cap designed to be invisible when worn. A lace front is also particularly important since the centre part tends to draw eyes more to the hairline.


In addition to a centre part, this style uses hair with at least a slight amount of wave. Hair shouldn’t appear over-styled but rather come across as casual and relaxed. A slight wave or curl provides a more youthful edge but you want to avoid the ends of the hair looking too structured. Instead, sections of hair should hang freely or you can pin back a few sections with barrettes to bring out more of a school girl edge. Keep in mind that you don’t want to add a lot of volume to your hair for this hairstyle.



As usual, expect a different set of hair colours to take the lead as we move into autumn. This year browns will be popular, particularly with added copper or rich mahogany tones. They’ll add a nice touch of warmth as you’re snuggled up around the fireplace this autumn. Think in terms of the colours of falling leaves as the winter approaches. These are the colours that will help to warm our hearts and our hair throughout the autumn and winter.


For blondes, the move will be from the bright summer blonde tresses to a cool beige. This can also be a nice option for anyone who has been sporting platinum locks of hair. Another new favourite is strawberry blonde. This gives blondes a chance to add a hint of autumn colours without switching to a dark colour like red or brown. One advantage to strawberry blonde is that colour that works well for many skin tones, unlike ashy blonde shades. Darker roots are another way to bring blondes and light brown hair into a cold weather-ready colour without needing to step too far away from lighter shades.


One tip is to combine a new wig with a new season. It’s a great time to try a different look but, combined with cool weather clothing people will notice that your overall look has been updated, rather than focusing just your hair. Combining a change in hair length with a new hair colour is also a great way to create a fresh look for the season.

How to Look and Feel Younger

Age catches up on all of us at some point, one day we’re racing around, enjoying life to the full and the next we start to feel just a little bit tired. It’s harder to shift the pounds, walking up a steep hill takes a little more puff and having too many drinks on a Friday evening can leave us feeling out of sorts for the whole of Saturday.

You look back and recall the times you tutted as Aunt Gladys fumbled to get her slippers on and laughed at the group of elderly gentlemen snoozing in the sun in their deckchairs, knotted hankies resting on ill-fitting toupees. You thought age would never catch you up, but here it is – knocking on your door. The question is – are you going to answer it? Are you going to accept that slippers and toupees will be part of your life? Or will you fight against embracing your twilight years?

Of course, in your brain you still feel young, you don’t really feel grown up at all. You’re like Tom Hank’s much-loved character Josh, in the classic film Big. You want to run and shout, laugh and have fun, heck you want to go and jump on that giant piano and play a tune. You don’t feel ready for the maturity that age brings and you certainly don’t feel ready for what you see when you glimpse your reflection in the mirror one day.

Who Is That Looking Back at Me?

Who is that person? The person with the fine lines framing their forehead, their eyes etched with wrinkles (too much laughter and sun you suspect). Their hair isn’t as thick and lustrous as it once was and their face is more rounded than you remember.

A few extra pounds have somehow crept on and the arms are a little flabbier. The tummy can only be sucked in for a short time before being let out like a deflating air balloon. Let’s not get started on the clothes – what a hideous cardigan – the person staring back at you has obviously been to visit mushroomsville – any bigger and they would disappear into a realm of wishy-washy nothingness. Who is this OLD person? You stare open mouthed at the reflection; the old person is you.

Change Your Mindset

First things first, don’t panic. You are not old, you are in shock – it only seems five minutes you were a teenager having your first snog with someone you met at the park. Now you look like the only person you could pull would be an old dear waiting for a number 8 bus. Before you begin a whole new mission to look and feel younger you must first change your mindset.

Responsibility comes as standard, accept it and embrace it. There will always be gardens to mow, bins to empty, food to cook, clothes to iron, kids to chauffeur and a miserable boss you have to please. Do NOT spend your day moaning about these things, either get on with them or resolve to make a few changes e.g. update your skills so you can search for a better job, draw up a chores rota at home and encourage the kids to help out more by offering pocket money or iPad time for a job well done – you will be surprised how much your kids will do for cash or more time glued to their favourite game or movie.

Do One Thing Each Day That Scares You

Is it nice in your comfort zone? All cosy and familiar? Put down that security blanket and step out into the light my friend. If you want to feel younger and fresher you have to set yourself new challenges and set out to experience new things. Keep your mind active by learning a new language, keep your body active by taking up a new team sport – go running with a group or take up bowling – it doesn’t matter as long as you are not vegging on the sofa with a dull-as-dishwater soap.

Never lose that sense of adventure or spirit. If you want to ride a motorbike around the USA start to formulate a plan on how you are going to do that (if you don’t ride a motorbike first stop might be to book some lessons)! You can do anything – tap dance, fly a kite, eat a vindaloo, get a cat, learn to bake, phone an old friend, move house, take up karate, or just decide to spend the day in bed with a box set and the biggest bar of chocolate you can find. The point is you HAVE to ring the changes. A change is as good as a rest – don’t stop moving – life is way too short to rest on your laurels.

Update Your Wardrobe

Bored of your appearance? Feel like you don’t look your best? Getting older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take pride in the way you look. If you aren’t happy do something about it. Start with your clothes, pull everything out (everything – even that old pair of lucky pants you’ve been saving in case you need a little good fortune). Throw out anything that doesn’t make you feel great when you put it on, that misshapen jumper, the shirt that’s missing a button (you will sew it back on, when you find it), the shoes that need re-heeling. Have a big trying on session and make a mental note to buy a few new pieces to plug any gaps in your wardrobe – a cashmere jumper, a neutral shirt, a pair of leather brogues – good quality items that will last and make you feel and look like a million dollars.

Change Your Look

Hair, skin, nails, your body – these are all things you can influence and change with a bit of thought and effort. Cleanse and tone your face, use a good moisturiser, keep your nails well groomed and use hand-cream to soften your over-worked hands. Man or woman – you should take time to look good, and that starts with the basics.

Check out your hair in the mirror – have you had the same style for ages? Not quite sure you are ready for a massive change just yet? You can try out different styles and colours by investing in a few natural hair wigs. No need to chop and colour your own hair when you can go from blonde, to wavy, to black, to straight in a few minutes.

As for your body, try not to be too critical of yourself, age brings new challenges. You might have saggy bits and flabby bobs, a few lines here and there and a bit of grey hair spouting but are these not the signs of a life well lived?

Nourish Yourself

Your health is one of the most important assets you have, if not the most important. Are you doing enough to safeguard yourself as you grow older? Are you eating healthily? Drinking enough water? Quaffing too much wine? Getting enough fresh air and exercise?

Are you still secretly smoking those fags when you think no-one is looking? If you want to make the most of the future and enjoy a healthy and happy time as you get older then you need to invest in yourself.

You need to put aside time to go for that power walk, take the time to cook yourself a tasty and healthy lunch, give up those damaging habits and get enough sleep. We know it’s hard to step away from the laptops, tablets and mobile phones but your bedroom should be a calm and relaxed space where you can take a moment for yourself and get some decent shut eye!

You Are Only as Old as You Feel

Don’t let age creep up on you and change your life, you can set your own clock in terms of when you want to wind down and accept a slower pace. Don’t be influenced by others telling you that you should be doing this or that, the beauty of maturing is that you tend to know your own mind and have courage in your convictions. Think yourself young in all that you do, from the clothes you wear to the places you go and even how you style your hair. Let’s end with a few wise words:

To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Dig Those Wigs – The Best Styles for Autumn

Weary of your waves? Fed up of your fringe? Bored of your bob? Fancy a change from your long blonde locks or had enough of your brunette pixie cut? Nowadays there’s no need to get scissor happy or go mad with the hair dye. A perm is no longer permanent and you don’t need to wake up regretting letting your hairdresser persuade you that lilac will suit your skin tone.

If you want to change your look you can simply slip on one of the many stylish wigs on the market. Go for an authentic looking hairpiece and you can immediately update your look without drastically altering your real hair. Wigs allow you to try out new styles without the commitment, you can play around with colours, try out different lengths, and see how you look with that choppy fringe.

Autumn could be the perfect time to showcase a new look, a brand-new season looms and brings with it darker skies, cooler weather and a host of rich and vibrant colours. Kick the golden leaves, wrap up in a woollen jacket and treat yourself to a new wig for Autumn – Let’s check out a few of the best new styles for 2018.

The Angular Bob

Bob may well be your uncle but a bob can also be a great new look for those who want to make a statement with their hair. No longer just a heavy style, typically cut in a straight line at jaw level – the bob now comes in many guises. Autumn 2018 sees a step toward the retro look, a nod to the angular bob that features haircut slightly shorter at the back than at the front. Go for a length that makes it easy for you to wear your “do” up or down and you can then ring the changes any time you like.

The Curly Bob

Not fancy going so straight or blunt? How about a curly bob? Less structured and sleek, the curly or wavy bob will give you a sort of look that says I just got out of bed and really can’t be bothered but doesn’t my hair still look great! It’s messy, it’s fun and we love it.

The Disco Flick

Don’t you just love the 1970s – we boogied to disco beats, got inspired by Rocky Balboa “Yo Adrian – I did it!” and dressed up in boho prints. Make up was all about shimmery eyes and gloss smeared lips, and hairdressers brought us “the shag,” and “the wedge.” Autumn 2018 offers you the opportunity to step back in time, but you don’t have to go all out 70s to carry off the look. Choose a wig with layers – think flicks at the end and a longer length fringe.

The Short and Sweet Fringe

This contemporary look suits those who aren’t afraid to try a new trend. A short and sweet fringe can look sassy and ultra-cool, but to those who aren’t in the know it might look like you got a bit too scissor happy and cut your own fringe in the dark (and without a mirror)! Ig you want to be cutting edge this one’s for you – it shouts look at me – I’m right on-trend.

The Wispy Fringe

Not quite as severe as the short and sweet fringe, the wispy fringe provides a softer, more romantic look. Think face-framing layers that delicately surround your forehead and longer, choppy layers around the sides.

Cute Curls

Not that we are inspired by Little Bo-Peep, but ringlets do appear to be making a bit of a comeback. We’re thinking of a more natural curl rather than a tight where’s my sheep look! Your wig should have plenty of natural movement – enjoy bouncing around with those springy, glossy curls!

Have Fun with Your Hair

Wigs provide that fun factor that we are sometimes lacking. We think nothing of updating our look with a new coat, or investing in a new shade of lipstick, but are often more hesitant when it comes to our hair. We say it’s time to put aside those inhibitions, but don’t worry about chopping and colouring, instead step into autumn with a brand-new wig. This is your chance to be a ravishing redhead or rock a short and sassy razor cut.

Showcase your new look for a night, a week or a whole year! When you get bored you can try out something else.

For me, hair is an accoutrements. Hair is jewellery. It’s an accessory –

Jill Scott – American singer, songwriter, model, poet and actress.

Why Back-to-School Season is Important at Any Age

When we are children, our schedules can revolve around the beginning of a new school year. Parents with school age children also spend plenty of time getting their kids ready for the school year. As adults, we tend to forget about this annual marker of the passing of time and think that it no longer relates to us.

Picture of a Stack of Back-to-School Supplies | Joseph’s Wigs

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for many of us but that focuses on getting rid of dirt and unwanted items. Here is why back-to-school should always remain a yearly tradition, at any age.


Taking Stock

Spring cleaning focuses on getting rid of old items. Christmas can be a time to receive gifts and reconnect with family. As children, the start of the school year is usually a time to prepare for upcoming challenges. We mentally prepare for the new course of studies and get ready to meet other students or reunite with our friends from the previous year. This can be a time to reflect on the previous year and our successes and challenges. Often a new school year meant more of the same. At times, however, it was a time to reinvent oneself. This could be the year we decide to join a different club, improve our grades or study something new, or we manage to cultivate a new group of friends.


The beginning of a school year can be both exciting and scary. As adults, the years tend to flow from one to another. Our jobs go on from year to year or, if we end up switching jobs, we are faced with a whole set of challenges with getting up to speed and continuing to pay our bills with little time to reflect. In many ways this is quite unlike a school year. This year we should mark the start of a new school year by giving thought as to where we are in our lives and what we hope to accomplish.


Update Your Look

As kids we look forward to buying new clothes before we head back for a new school year. Even if we attended schools with uniforms, we could look forward to possibly getting a new uniform or accessories. A fresh haircut before classes began was a given. Having the summer to grow out our hair or try something different meant we might return to school with a considerably updated look.


As adults we’re unlikely to become a few centimetres taller over the summer so we lose one of the reasons why kids need new clothing before a school year begins. That doesn’t mean we should be trapped in the same clothing or look year after year. Without that school year milestone many of us recycle the same seasonal clothing each year. Even if we regularly shop, we probably simply buy shoes and clothing that are consistent with what we already have. As the end of the summer approaches, now is the ideal time to update our own style. Buy a new wig with a different cut and/or hair colour, try on a few new styles of clothing clothing, or consider updating any makeup.


Try Something New

The new school year isn’t only about how we look. As kids we were able to look forward to getting fresh gear for school, as well. While as adult we might not be excited about carrying around a new backpack, there is something to be said for buy a few new accessories. Remember how you felt with a fresh notebook and other school supplies to help you face the challenges ahead. Picking up a few items for your office or elsewhere at work can break you out of a mental rut so that you can approach work with a fresher perspective. If you are retired or spend your days taking care of your family, the same concept can apply, regardless of you spend your time.


Celebrate Autumn

Another reason to update yourself in the autumn is you can let the season work to your advantage. Other people will be switching from summer clothes to items more suited for the cooler weather so your updated look will fit right in. Summer can be an unforgiving time to try a new look as the hot weather means more emphasis on styles that are closer-fitting and more revealing. That can be more pressure than you need when you are experimenting with something different. Summer also has plenty of excitement, anyway, with the sunshine and warmer weather bringing out the best in almost everyone.


As the summer ends the tendency can be to sink into routine as we worry about getting through the upcoming winter months. Make autumn special by making it the time to try something new. The ability to add layers can make it even easier to try out a different look and various elements.

Great Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

Taking pictures of ourselves has never been as popular is it is now. Cell phones made it convenient, smartphones made it even easier, social media gave us places to share pictures, and special effects gave us more options. That doesn’t mean that taking a picture we like is a given. While the supermodels of the world might snap selfies and look fabulous wearing a burlap sack, the rest of us might have a tougher time coming up with an image we like. That leads many people to avoid selfies altogether. That’s unfortunate.

Woman taking selfie in front of a street café | Joseph’s Wigs

Sharing pictures of yourself can be a wonderful way to connect with others. Your friends and family want to see your smiling face to help feel like they are able to keep more in touch with you, even if they live far away. They also want to see pictures of you when you travel, not just pictures of the places you’re visiting. Seeing you in action can make your adventures seem more real and help the people you care about feel like they are a part of your day.


  1. Lighting

Good pictures require good lighting. A flash doesn’t guarantee an attractive picture. It isn’t just a case of enough light. You want to have the right kind of light to help you look great.


Natural lighting is always the best, assuming it’s an option. Obviously if you are taking pictures at night or somewhere without windows sunlight won’t be available. If it is sunny, look for ways to make the most of the light. Stand outside or near a window. Either face into the sun or face so the sun is behind you to avoid strong shadows across your face. As you look at your face in the camera, move around some to get a better feel for the lighting and the difference it makes in how you look. Light changes depending on where you are and the time of day. Experiment and pay attention to what types of lighting make you look best.


  1. Find Your Angle

Selfie pros will say that the best look is generally to hold the camera higher so that you are looking up into the camera. Keep your chin up and your shoulders down to make your neck look longer while you show your face off to the best advantage. Looking up into the camera tends to emphasise your eyes. Be sure you look directly at the camera. You can even lift up your eyebrows to bring more attention to your eyes.


Remember today’s quality wigs look great from any angle. No need to avoid showing your hairline or part like you might need to if wearing an old fashioned or inexpensive wig. Looking up through your bangs can work, just make sure your eyes are still visible to the camera.


  1. Quantity & Quality

It can be challenging to take a good picture. Many of us are also self-conscious about how we look. That doesn’t mean we still can’t look great. Stop being too negative. The laugh lines you worry about are probably one of the things your loved ones find most attractive. Don’t try to hide or cover up the things that make you look like you.


Quantity doesn’t equal quality but, in the case of selfies, you might need the quantity first. Taking plenty of pictures improves your odds of getting a picture you like. Even celebrities who are known for taking and posting lots of selfies admit that they rarely get the picture they post the first try. The more pictures you take the more likely you’ll be to create an image you’ll want to save and post.


Don’t just take the same basic picture over and over. Experiment with holding the phone different angles. Try pictures with the camera directly in front and above you. Then try turning your body to the side relative to the camera and experiment with different phone heights. Turn so that you can see how the pictures look with the sunlight coming from in front, behind, and to the side of you. Experiment with different expressions. Remember, one of the biggest advantages to digital cameras is there is no cost to take additional pictures, except for your time and the electricity to recharge your phone. Practice taking pictures when you are alone at home, in your car, or on a hike. You want to feel more comfortable with how to look your best before you are trying to capture a selfie in a hurry while on vacation or with others.


  1. What to Wear

If you are planning on taking a selfie, consider what clothes to wear. While most outfits are fine, there are things to consider. Small prints, patterns, or textures might not translate well in a picture. When seen on phone screens on social media sites, anything tiny might either disappear or look busy. Anything too close to the colour of your skin might provide too little contrast.


Keep in mind that if you are woman wearing something lower cut, this will be even more obvious if you take the picture from above. That might or might not be a good thing, depending on your preferences but it is something you should consider.


  1. Background

If you are doing a selfie to show off your face or your new hairdo, try to take your picture somewhere so that you’ll have an uncluttered background. You want the focus to be on you. Your background will need to be enough of a different colour and tone so you stand out.


For selfies to show off where you are or what you’re doing, make sure that is clearly documented in either the foreground or background of your picture. You don’t want to post a selfie with a “Look I’m in Las Vegas!” message when the only thing people can see in the picture besides you is a wall or the interior of a typical hotel room. Use the picture as a way to tell a story. Take a selfie with an Elvis impersonator or stand with the lights of the Vegas strip in the picture behind you. The picture should be able to speak for itself.


  1. Putting the “I” in Selfie

Taking pictures of yourself can be a good way to remind yourself how great you look. With life’s stresses it can be easy to start thinking we are starting to look tired or old. Selfies can be a way to better connect with ourselves so we can give ourselves more confidence. That can be particularly important as you’re preparing to take on a big challenge like a job interview, a big presentation, or a first date.


Remember that you can take pictures and not post them. If it makes you feel better to take a selfie each morning to check to make sure your hair and makeup looks great, and psych yourself up for the day, that’s fine. You just don’t need to post all of them. People need to avoid counting on lots of social media “likes” each day to make them feel better. Take the pictures and enjoy them yourself or delete them once you confirm that your hair, makeup, and clothes are flawless.


  1. Variety

Your friends and family are probably happy to see selfies of you dressed up or of your sad face when you have to go to work on Monday. A picture of you along with a “Look at my new hair colour!” will be a fun addition to your social media feed. A selfie with one of your children, friends, or other family members can be an image you’ll want to keep and treasure forever.


On the other hand, too often selfie-takers become addicted to taking pictures of themselves while those who see their post aren’t necessarily as entertained. That’s why it is important to think in terms of variety. A daily selfie sitting in your car with the same expression every day is going to quickly bore others. Find ways to keep things interesting. Take pictures with a variety of facial expressions and try using different backgrounds.


Think of what your picture is going to say. Are you documenting your look of blurry exhaustion after being awake all night with your new baby? Is this your chance to show everyone what your workstation looks like at your new job? Or are you sharing a picture of you with a lovely tree or crowd at a public event so your social media contacts can appreciate something in your life? These are all great reasons to take selfies to share.


Be creative and find more fun selfie ideas. It’s a chance for you to use your imagination and your efforts are sure to entertain your friends and family.

8 Successful Wig Strategies for Wonderful Summer Holidays

Ah, summer! The perfect time to travel to a lovely scenic location for holidays or at least enjoy some extra time enjoying sun and fun at home. While this time of year can be wonderful, those of us who wear wigs or toupees can end up wondering if the weather or active activities might create challenges. Here’s the information you need to be prepared to face any hurtles that your summer holidays might throw your way!


Ocean waves and flip flops along the beach | Joseph’s Wigs


  1. Heat

Long winters can leave us thrilled to finally experience warmth once the summer sun and heat finally arrive. A sunny day can prompt us to rush out to spend a day sunning in the park. Our summer weekends might become filled with outdoor events like picnics or outdoor weddings.


With the heat comes several things to consider. The hot weather can lead to more sweat. A wig liner is a great way to help keep your scalp more comfortable and cooler in hotter conditions. Another option is a wig cap. This very similar to a wig liner but made out of material that is slightly thinner. Either a wig cap or wig liner can absorb sweat and make sure that your wig fits securely, even if your scalp becomes sweaty. In addition, they help to prevent sweat and oils from your scalp from reaching your wig. This keeps your wig cleaner.


  1. Wind

Spending time out by the ocean or in a windy park can make wig wearers nervous. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent problems from developing. Once again, a wig liner or wig cap can be used for a secure fit for your wig. If you might be in more challenging wind conditions use wig tape. This hypoallergenic tape will secure your wig or toupee to your scalp to keep it in place.


If you are hiking or doing other activities where the elements might make your toupee feel less secure, a hat could be the way to go. You can wear a hiking hat with a chin strap over your wig to hold both your wig and your hat in place while shielding your face from the sun.


Even if it won’t be windy enough to threaten the security of your wig, having your hair blow around can become annoying. You can eliminate that problem by pulling your hair back into a ponytail or fastening it with a clip at the nape of your neck. Natural hair wigs or wigs made with advanced synthetic fibres are more able to be restyled into different looks like this. You can further secure your hair by tying a scarf over your hair and tying it into place. In moderate wind conditions you might want to simply use a scarf tied around your head and fastened at the back of your neck to hold your hair back from your face while providing added security to your wig. In stronger wind conditions, tie the scarf around your hair and in front of your chin for a more secure hold.


  1. Sun

Much as we love the sun, we can quickly go from eagerly awaiting the sun to eager to get a little relief from it. If you’ll be out in the bright light, pair your wig with a visor to provide your eyes a little relief from the sun and glare. A hat with a full brim all the way around it will provide you with even better protection from the sun’s rays.


  1. Water

For swimming you will probably want to switch from wearing your wig to wearing a swim cap. While swim caps are most commonly used to protect hair from the affects of salt water or pool chemicals, they work just as well at protecting your scalp while concealing the fact that you aren’t wearing your wig.


If you plan to be by or on the water but not in the water, there are other options that will work great for you. Wrap a turban around your head or look for a turban that is pre-formed to remain in a turban shape. Pick a turban that has been designed for women with hair loss since they are made to more fully cover the head than turbans that are only decorative. Turbans that are built to combine both fashion and function are also made to stay in place better while providing the right coverage.


  1. Sports

Active sports can be more challenging for people who wear wigs or toupees. For more moderate activities and conditions, wig tape might be perfect for keeping everything in place while you enjoy your sport. More active sporting pursuits might be more appropriate for other solutions. For men, wearing a baseball cap is the obvious option. For women, select a hat or turban that is designed for women with hair loss. A hat with a brim will help protect your face from the sun. Another option is to combine your hat or turban with a hair fringe. Hair fringes are hair pieces that are specifically designed to fit comfortably under a hat or turban while revealing enough hair to make you look fabulous. They are cooler in hot weather than wearing a full wig but still give the illusion that there is a full head of hair under the hat or turban.


  1. Dressy Moments

Most men’s hairstyles stay the same, regardless of the occasion. For women, the situation is considerably more complicated. You don’t want to spend a big portion of your holidays styling your hair but you still want to look great for any occasion. If you have a natural hair wig or other wig that is made to withstand heat styling tools, you can bring along styling equipment so you can curl or straighten your hair to fit the occasion.


A faster option is to bring along a selection of wigs in different styles. Then you can quickly switch from one wig to another so that you always have the perfect look for any occasion. You can also bring hair pieces to add additional volume, an updo, or other features to your current hair or wig. That can allow you to update your look as the situation requires. Another option is to simply bring various accessories than can help you transform your look. Jewelled jewellery to go in your hair and/or pull it into a different style can provide the bling you want for a romantic evening out on the town.


  1. Travel

Travel by train or airplane can be both exciting and tiring for everyone. If you’ll be taking a longer trip or if you have a tendency to lulled to sleep while travelling, take steps before you leave to secure your wig or toupee ahead of time. Wig caps, wig liners, or wig tape can be used to keep everything secure so you have one less thing to worry about while you travel.


On airplanes the dry air can be a particular concern. Even if your wig fits securely, you might consider adding a wig liner or cap before your flight. The overly dry air can dry out your scalp and make it more prone to irritation. What might not bother your skin normally might suddenly become an issue in the poor air conditions during travel. Before and after your flight you’ll also want to take extra care to moisturise your scalp (and the rest of your skin) to keep it hydrated and comfortable throughout your holiday.


For long car trips you might want to take a different approach. Since you won’t be surrounded by a bunch of strangers for hours at a time, you consider opting for a turban or hat for the day. This can be a great combination of comfort and style to make it easier for you to focus on other things during your drive.


  1. Cleaning

Remember that with warmer weather usually comes more sweat. Additional sweat will result in more sweat and oils transferring from your skin to your wig. That means you will need to increase how often you wash your wigs or toupees. Be sure to use a specialised wig shampoo and conditioner to keep your wig fresh. After it’s washed, use leave in wig conditioner. Place the wig on a wig stand and adjust it so that hair falls into the correct style. This will help it stay in shape and ensure that it dries completely. How often wigs or toupees need to be washed depends on a number of factors. Some people sweat more or have oiler scalps. Exposure to ocean spray, smoke, pollution, or other contaminants will increase how frequently you need to clean your wigs and toupees.

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